koldmamahdakah (kolraashgadol) wrote,

growing up

DS just returned from his first overnight experience at camp: first night away from his father and me ever. Since he is the Most Secretive Child On Earth (TM), I have no idea about anything he did or whether he liked it (and one can't ask, because that triggers, "I hated it" and then he remembers it that he did -forever- but, he did ask on the way home if he could sleep outside tonight.

Did you sleep outside last night?

No, we slept in the bunks.

Oh, how was that?


Really? Why?

Well, everyone was making noise and I couldn't fall asleep. And they kept telling me to be quiet!

Hmmm, that doesn't sound fair. Why were they telling you to be quiet?

Well, maybe I made some noise... but not as much as them. Only between one and six words! And they kept telling me to be quiet....
Tags: the annals of bathtime
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