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Tooth Fairy addendum

So, in discussing this matter of my being the tooth fairy according to several parents in my congregation with some friends (see yesterday's post), two people with whom I talked about it, sort of snorted and pointed out that I'd been running away from being a chasid for far too long, and this was just proof that I needed to give in to my true chasidische soul: as we know, many of the great rabbis of the talmud, as well as many chasidic rebbes were known as miracle workers: Some could dispel dybbuks, some could tell where your soul came from, some could cause rain to fall, some could create golems. But my great power is to collect teeth.

I do believe I'll be spending Purim dressed up with wings and a wand this year. And if anyone asks, it's a talmudic power, not a chasidic one.
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