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The Strangeness of modern childhood

I suppose every generation had some version of this. Still, it's peculiar to me when my son begins a game, he often does so by explaining the "rules" (which change to his benefit as we go along. That much he has in common with children of all ages and generations) then saying press this (this might be any sort of object) to begin the game. Then (for example): When you see the white letters showing, the game is finished installing and we are ready to play (holding a baseball bat with writing on the sides, and turning it slowly until I can see the letters).

Okay, I get the message: Abba lets him play way too much on the computer - yeah, I knew *that* already.

But he also knows the theme songs to all sorts of television shows. Shows, which to my knowledge, he has never seen, since for all intents and purposes, we don't watch tv at home - we do watch movies and sometimes Abba downloads a show (usually shows about things like how x is made or the like) but never cartoons, as far as I know. So he must begetting all of this stuff from other kids at school. I guess it goes to prove what I've always said, you can't really keep your kids from learning all sorts of rotten things once they go to school with other kids. This is pretty minor stuff (actually, I couldn't really care less about most of it) but I always laugh when I hear people talking about how their kid was gendered from the very beginning because they don't push gender roles in their family, so it MUST be that it's from birth, and I'm like, "Sure, your son loves cars genetically (I"d love to see the inheritance mechanism for that), not because he sees boys on television who play with trucks, and he hates pink because it's inherent, not because television tells him directly - or tells his friends who tell him- that pink is a girly color and boys are supposed to hate girly things.

The chuckle of course is that pink used to (prior to WWI) be considered the boys' color, because it was related to red, which is "active" and blue the girls' color because it was "calm." Yes, I'm sure that turnaround was somehow evolutionary, too.
All this other stuff is exactly the same. When DS was little, he used to have longish hair, and without exception, people used to think he was a girl. They also responded to him as a girl, and interpreted everything he did as girly, if not corrected (which I never did, not seeing anything wrong with people thinking he was a girl - what's wrong with being a girl? - although his grandparents did correct people, but I couldn't get them to stop). So, at first, he used to do a lot more (girly" things. But when he got to school, and the other kids started setting him "right" about about gender, he began to hate pink and the like. He also used to play pretty much equally with girls and boys, and not care much about it, now he still plays with girls that he knew in preschool just fine, but is not interested in making friends with girls. I find that rather interesting, if sad. Of course, he's not all that outgoing in general, so it may just be an expression of that, too.

Anyhow, I've digressed quite a bit from the beginning, which was actually just a humorous observation about the way he plays.I have to go now, the game has finished installing....
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