koldmamahdakah (kolraashgadol) wrote,

Hi again

It's been along time since I posted, but not for lack of interesting DS related items. I just wish I could remember more of them. 3rd grade is proving to be a lot of work; for me as well as for him. The amount of homework he gets is nuts. Pray God they won't be giving him so much more each year.
One nice thing: the other day, he announced that I was the coolest Ima ever. Why? I asked him? Well, he said, no one else's mother was a spy and a rabbi. I suppose this is very likely true, even if the kind of spy I was didn't really have anything to do with the kind of spy he's thinking of, and I did try to explain that. Still, I'm not likely to remain cool long, so I'm enjoying it while I can.
Also, I get to be the world's most excellent Ima when I make black beans and rice for dinner. Which is nice.
Tags: the annals of bathtime
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