koldmamahdakah (kolraashgadol) wrote,

A New Character

I forgot to mention, the stories of Mustang Fiderlo and his sidekick Minkie the Ferret, now have a new character: the mad scientist: Preposterous Eccemoogi. He's a friend of Mustang's.
He has featured most recently in a series of stores spurred by a fragment of overheard conversation. As we were leaving someplace (I can't quite remember where) we over heard something, which DS interpreted as "No Coyotes on Thursday."

So, many of our recent stories (except of course for the holiday stories, DS has a rule that if it's a holiday, stories must be about the holiday, and since it was Rosh HaShanah...) have been somehow related to the idea of, or titled, "No Coyotes on Thursday."
In one of them Mustang Fiderlo and Minkie go out west and rescue the Coyotes from being buried underground by irate small animals who are tired of hearing them howl all the time.
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