koldmamahdakah (kolraashgadol) wrote,

Assault and Pepper

The other day, DS and I were laying in bed, him getting ready to go to sleep, reading a book, in which one character called another "Sugar."
DS asks, "Why does she call her 'Sugar?'"
I explained that it was an endearment, the same way I sometimes call him "Sweet potato."
I also noted that later in the story, the mom asks the child to give her some sugar, which really means to give her a kiss or be nice to her. To demonstrate, I said to DS, "Now you can give me some sugar."
DS said, "Okay, then you give me some salt."
"What's that?" I asked (he's in a no-kissing phase as you might have guessed).
"You know," he said, "Like an assault!" and hit me lightly to demonstrate.....
Tags: the annals of bathtime
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